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U.S. Moves Closer to Skinny, Shitty Utopia

Illustration for article titled U.S. Moves Closer to Skinny, Shitty Utopia

We fully expect that, at some point in the next 30 years, American women will be able to eat whatever they want yet remain thin, thanks to a combination of greedy drug companies and women's continuing self-hatred of their bodies. The first shot across the bow came today:

Dieters got a new tool Wednesday to help them take off the extra pounds — the first government-approved nonprescription diet pill.

The Food and Drug Administration said the fat-blocking weight-loss pill orlistat, which has been available by prescription, can be sold in a reduced-strength version over the counter.

The new version will be sold as "alli" by GlacoSmithKline PLC. Xenical, the prescription version, is made by Roche Holding AG.


Of course, with any dieting mechanism (remember Olestra?), there's always a chance of, er, anal spillage:

"The Food and Drug Administration said the most common side effect of the product is a change in bowel habits including loose stool and some oily spotting. Eating a low-fat diet will reduce the likelihood of this side effect."


(Take note, Kelly Cutrone)

[Gawker: Who's the Poopy Pants Publicist?]


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