U.S. Gets A "D" For Preemies • Scientists Design Healthy Beer

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• The March of Dimes has given the U.S. an overall "D" grade on its premature birth rate, which is currently at a rate of one in eight babies per year. • The woman who had the first ovary transplant last year gave birth to a baby girl via C-section yesterday in Missouri. • A young woman's life growing up "in the wild" with animals in Africa is being turned into a book, Tippi: My Book of Africa. • A cat who was missing for over 13 years was reunited with its owners in California this week. •• Scientists at Rice University have created "BioBeer" a healthy beer that has a red wine chemical that is believed to protect against age-related health conditions. • A new study in England reports that young girls are starting to drink earlier in life, with most admitting to drinking by age 13 or 14. • Police in Williams Point, Florida have recovered a 5 foot tall Betty Boop statue that was stolen last April. • A pastry shop owner repainted the sign over his shop in Baghdad with "Obama" and is planning on making an Obama cake with two ingredients of "hope and change." • A recent study has found that a chemical commonly found in tomatoes, lycopene, can positively effect cells taken from internal scarring associated with endometriosis. • A new study of condom use in heterosexual British couples has found that condom use goes down when couples enter their 30s and 40s and that overall, a little more than half of first time sexual partners use condoms. • What would happen if you ate dog food? Probably nothing, but it's still unsafe. • A recent study suggests that women are more likely to be harassed when working in equally male and female groups rather than when women are the minority or majority gender in a group. • A European animal welfare coalition said today that tens of thousands of animals are kept in poor conditions because EU rules on standards and care for animals are unclear to zookeepers. • A Toronto-area woman claims her rights were violated when she was asked to stop breastfeeding her child while she was sitting in a public swimming pool in October. • Although Chinese Americans are considered a "model minority" and are one of the most highly educated groups in the U.S., they still make less than their white counterparts. • British scientists have discovered what gene triggers some women to develop a resistance to Tamoxifen, common breast cancer drug.• Evening fun: a video of of Russian man who lives with his "performing llama" in his apartment. •


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Okay, that picture is about to give me an anxiety attack. I took a tour last month of the Neonatal ICU at the hospital where I work and it was so heartbreaking, even without knowing only one in eight child born into those circumstances will survive.