U.S. Customs Agents Intercept a Bunch of Fake Louboutins, Will Now Try to Impress Their Friends

Since we can all assume that U.S. Customs agents keep all the things they confiscate as part of an ongoing, intra-agency scavenger hunt, the latest haul of 20,000 counterfeit Louboutins from China must have been quite the game-changer for someone. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Spokesman Jaime Ruiz said that four shipments of the shoes were seized on Tuesday, and another had been seized on July 27. The street-value of those fake designer shoes, according to Ruiz, would have been something in the neighborhood of $18 million in the U.S.

The knockoffs were most likely heading for swap meets, where people exchange goods of specious pedigree, or the internet, which is the number one recommended place to buy things for people looking to get ripped off (or to score some really good counterfeit designer goods). Ruiz said that the shoes, though they haven't harmed anyone, will most likely be destroyed, hopefully at least in a theatrical way with some contraband fireworks that Customs has accumulated over the years.


Fake luxury shoes stopped in their tracks in LA [CBS News]

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