Tyra's "Modelville": Sore Loser Fails To Escape From The Set

For the past few months, Tyra has been running a "reality series within a series" called "Modelville," that featured five Top Model alumni living in a penthouse in NYC and competing for a $50,000 spokesmodel gig with beauty care company Carol's Daughter. On today's episode, the winner - Dominique from Cycle 10 - was announced, and the runner-up, Renee (from Cycle 8) was a total sore loser, running off stage, and attempting to run off the set using Tyra's elevator entrance at the back (she couldn't figure out how to get it to work). Frustrated, she shook her head in disapproval and cried. After the commercial break, though, the owner of Carol's Daughter, who obviously felt bad, told Renee that she would "work with her," although it was never specified in what capacity. Renee went on to sob as the credits rolled. Clip above.


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what is Tyra wearing!!!!?????