Tyra Teaches Larry King How To Smize

Tyra was on Larry King Live last night, where she discussed her recent weight loss, made Larry touch her real hair, and taught him how to smize, something that can land non-models a second date...or even a job!


Tyra said that she's finally learning how to "celebrate" her success. In this clip, she discusses her recent weight loss and how she likes her salad prepared.

In this clip, she makes Larry touch her "natural" hair, which she admits is actually chemically straightened and dyed.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

I pray to the giant unicorn in the sky that "smize" never becomes part of our lexicon.

The possibilities are completely frightening:

"You better wipe that smize off your face, young lady!"

"I think he likes me; I saw him smize during math class."

"This is a terrible school picture. You didn't even smize!"