Tyra Teaches Cookie Monster How To Smize

If you happened to catch Tyra today, no you did not accidentally eat mold: it was a special show for kids celebrating Sesame Street's 40th anniversary. So everyone spoke very slowly and condescendingly, especially Tyra. (Yes, more than usual!)

In the clip above, Tyra teaches Cookie Monster how to smile with his eyes, or "smize," which, due to Cookie Monster's fixed plastic eyes, resulted in a Cookie Monster Smize Fail. Then, Tyra talks to Elmo about Twitter, and Elmo is all "Elmo tweets. Elmo tweets." And then Tyra shows the Tweet she made about Elmo, while an audience-baby cries in the background audio. That was the part of this extra-dumbed-down version of this already extra dumb show that send me over the edge. I was like, "Wait, why is the sobbing in my head also coming out of the TV set?"

Later, Tyra welcomed one of the passengers who was on the Miracle on the Hudson plane. Why the hell not? I don't even know anymore. Just make the crying stop.

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