Tyra Talks To Teens Who Have Sex At School

Today on Tyra, teenagers as young as 13 discussed how they have sex on school grounds, sometimes even giving BJs in the classroom while the substitute teacher is sleeping. As one can imagine, Tyra was appalled and gave some of the kids a stern talking-to, but perhaps more disturbingly, she also went into unnecessary detail with some of the parents on hand, pointing out repeatedly that their kids are sexual beings. It was definitely a big cringe-fest for everyone. Then Tyra asked a teenage lesbian to discuss the specifics of her trysts in the back of the classroom during movie days. The kid did such a good job, it sounded like she was reading a Penthouse Forum letter out loud. Clip above.

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Maybe it's because I'm not a parent, or because I was raised by godless heathens, but I don't know why folks are so weirded out by kids having sex. I was doing it by 14 and was happy about it! I've never regretted my decision. I also never lied to my family because they were open and honest and let me know I could always come to them about anything.

When I told them I was having sex, my parents (separately) gave me The Talk, my mom got me on BC, and even if they were a little squicked out they certainly didn't make such a BFD about it. I was educated and loved.

But I was super lucky, I know. Teenagers have been doing the nasty forever. Wouldn't parents rather they be safe and open about it?