Tyra Tackles The Weighty Issue Of "Fatsploitation"

Today, Tyra took on the subject of "fatsploitation", talking to morbidly-obese women (500+ lbs) who make a living using their full figures for nude and lingerie modeling, as well as "squashing," the practice of applying large amounts of pressure on a man with one's own weight. One of the guests was a woman named Queen Raqui, who charges $300 an hour to squash men. She was adamant about the fact that there is nothing sexual about her business, and that she's just about "fat acceptance" as a cause. But I want to call bullshit on that. If she isn't selling sex, why is she catering to this fetish? Furthermore, why does she pose in lingerie on her site and charge a monthly subscription fee? And why are all her clients men? Clip above.


@raleigh likes swaddling:

Thanks, Raleigh. To be honest, the strangers saying things = easy to brush off. People you know, who you think owe you a little bit of politeness (I am past expecting politeness from strangers) = not easy to brush off. And people hurling trash at you is the most dehumanizing thing that can happen to you short of physical violence. And having it happen repeatedly makes you lose a lot of faith in humankind.

I am thin now. Not "Eat a sandwich" thin (I keeed!), but still. I have serious issues about eating in public. I have panic attacks if I need to eat around people - people I know, strangers in a restaurant or food court, anything. It is a mixture of "hell no I am not eating anything" with "fuck, I cannot be impolite" which leads to insane calculations about how little I can possibly eat so that people don't go "why aren't you eating?", but also not enough that they say something. Or roll their eyes. Or "tsk, tsk". Last time I had to go to a party, it meant a sleepless night and a precise calculation of 4 pickles, 1 canape, and 2 little diced cheese.

Oh yeah, and I ate some grapes at a Lost marathon with "friends" (I say that cause it is more like, my husband is friends with the husbands and boyfriends of these women - I am not particularly social cause the not eating in public thing gets in the way), one of them mentioned "A serving of grapes is 8 grapes. You have like 20 on that plate". Hello, eating disorder! I am lucky I suck at puking, or I'd have purged right there. I skipped dinner, though. *sigh*