Tyra, Obama, Obama, Tyra: We (Tried To) Live-Blog Barack's "Tyra" Appearance

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Three of our editors are currently trying to get into a taping of a very-special episode of Tyra Banks' talk show to hear her very-special guest: Illinois senator Barack Obama. Each editor has a particular interest in event : Slut Machine is obsessed with Tyra; Moe is obsessed with Obama, and Jennifer is obsessed with anyone whose name appears in the same sentence as the words "Hillary Clinton". Unfortunately — and unlike the situation at Martha last Friday with Bill Clinton — the BlackBerries they were planning on using to liveblog the event have been confiscated. So, let's get this straight: BlackBerries are okay while in the presence of a widely-despised, two-term former United States President but not near a junior senator who is nowhere near to winning the White House? Anyway, after the jump, we've got the one report that Moe was able to send in before Barack's henchmen hauled away her beloved BlackBerry.

3:57 (Moe): "Woman in line: 'Oh, Obama is gonna be here? I thought Ciara was performing. Well come to think of it maybe I did hear something about Obama but I stopped reading at Ciara. I don't know much about Obama because I already know I'm voting for the woman. Unlike all these other African Americans jumping on the bandwagon so we can have a first black president. I've had some bad experiences with black folks. Men have been screwing shit up for thousands of years, let's get a woman in charge for once. Women are just better.'"


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Probably the worst possible reason to vote for Hillary I've ever heard.