Tyra: Isis Faces Off With "Strong Christian" Clark

Yesterday, Isis, the transgendered contestant from America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 was on Tyra to discuss her experiences with gender identity disorder. As we mentioned before, Tyra surprised Isis with the opportunity to receive a free gender reassignment surgery. But before they got to that heartwarming moment, Clark, a contestant from Isis's ANTM cycle, sat down to discuss why she doesn't "agree" with Isis's "choice" of being transgender. (Spoiler alert: It has to do with her being "a southern Baptist, strong Christian.") To Isis's credit, she handled Clark's bigotry with grace. Later, Tyra called Clark out on the lesbian French kiss she had with Elina and asked her if her church would "agree" with that. Score one for TyTy! Clip above, and after the jump, check out how hot Isis's mother is.The weave is a little busted, but seriously, she's gorgeous:

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