Tyra Investigates Registered Sex Offender Mobile Home Community

Today Tyra introduced us to possibly one of the most unsavory places on earth: A trailer park in Florida populated entirely by registered sex offenders. Called (rather ironically) The Palace, the community not only provides homes but therapy for the sex offenders. And while it's a very controversial subject — like whether or not these people can even be rehabilitated, or if there's even a punishment to fit a crime such as this — Tyra went into the details of how difficult day-to-day life can be for convicted sex offenders, and talked to the residents about it. (Side note: this may seem kinda harsh but one of the residents in the clip above, the guy iwith the voice box, actually wears a pair of glasses that my friends and I used to jokingly refer to as "kid toucher" glasses.)

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If you click on the post I was referring to, it leads to the one where gina_rienne is responding to Kenoma. And yes, Kenoma was saying that any victim of abuse that does not get psychological treatment will turn out to be an offender themselves, and that the only way to prevent that was to offer therapy. He/She also compared them with OCD sufferers and mentioned having tricholomania; he/she can't help ripping his/her hair off by the roots without therapy, and so, child molesters can't help raping little kids without therapy.

I'm not saying people should *not* get therapy. I'm saying that assuming that being a victim yourself + no therapy must always equal being a criminal leads to thinking that if we fail to provide victims with therapy, then it is *our own fault* when they become criminals, cause they don't have any free will at all. And that bothers me, both on a logical level, and also cause damn, is everyone who thinks like you (general you, not just you specifically) gonna assume that I'm about to diddle little kids and murder people now, cause I didn't have therapy, so I'm a ticking time bomb?