On yesterday's episode of Tyra, proponents and opponents of gay marriage took the stage to debate both sides of the issue. For some reason, audience members were forced to wear shirts declaring their sexual orientation.

The refreshing thing about this particular debate was that the opponents of gay marriage on the show are actually vocal about opposing homosexuality in general. Many times during these sorts of public debates, those against legalizing gay marriage (like Elisabeth Hasselbeck) will maintain that they are not prejudiced against homosexuals ...they just don't want them to be able to marry each other because of (fill in the blank), as a way of making it appear as though it is not a civil rights issue. It's good to see an extreme representation of the anti gay marriage stance on something like Tyra, because these people help make it more evident how, at the core of this issue, rights are being withheld from a minority group of people for no other reason than because they are "different."

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