Tyra Examines Gay Exorcisms With Help From Insane People

Today's Tyra featured a 16-year-old boy who claims that he's now straight after ridding himself of homosexuality through an exorcism performed by a self-proclaimed prophet (who was also on the show and happens to be batshit crazy).

Jeffrey, who is only 16 years old, says that although the exorcism helped him to stop acting on his gay thoughts, he still has those thoughts, and he's working on ridding himself of those, too, because the head of his church, Patricial McKinney, says that otherwise, Jeffrey will still go to hell. Patricia is a self-proclaimed prophet who runs her church with her husband, Kelvin McKinney, whose title is "overseer." Confused on what a prophet is? According to Patricia a prophet is:
1.) A messenger from God
2.) A seer (so that makes her the seer and her husband the overseer?)
3.) Someone who can see into the future
4.) Someone who has open-eye visions
5.) Someone who has close-eye visions
6.) Traveler through the realm of the spirit
7.) Unpopular
8.) A very lonely person

8.) Someone who possesses gaydar.

Patricia and Kelvin put the video of the exorcism on YouTube.

But the video was taken down by the non-profit organization True Colors, a mentoring program for gay youth, with the help of the department of family services. Jeffrey was involved in True Colors and had a mentor, up until a few days before the exorcism. One of the women from the organization joined the panel, and Jeffrey was sent backstage. Seeing her interaction with the McKinneys was like watching water boil.

The McKinneys are absolutely infuriating, not only because they are so stupid that they made Tyra look like the smartest woman on television, but because they make no sense. However, when Patricia confessed that she, too, was "once gay," her interest in the matter suddenly clicked.

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