Tyra: "Chinese Face, No S-E-X Talk"

Yesterday's episode of Tyra was all about parents who have difficulty talking to their teenagers about sex. And while TyTy's sex discussion usually makes us want to throw the remote at the TV, this one was actually progressive, and really sweet. The best though was Lixia, an adorable Chinese-American woman who says that her culture makes it taboo to talk about sex with her 15-year-old daughter. Lixia is actually a health teacher, but she can't bring herself to say the "P" word or the "E" word in front of her daughter. The "E" word? Watch the clip above to find out.


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Holy crap i love that woman, i want to take her out for drinks tonight.

Soooo what's the 'E' word?

ps: butt sex is awesome. Happy, Macloserboy? ;)