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Tyra Banks to Reprise Role in 'Life-Sized', No Word Yet on Whether Lohan Will Join Her

You better bust out your hot pink crop tops, all the magenta taffeta within in 50 miles, and get ready to dance because Ty Ty is back in the sequel to Life-Size. Yes! Ms. Banks will dust off her acting chops and practice perfecting her Smize (jk it's already perfect) to once again wow us as Eve, the doll that comes to life to terrorize a fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan in the best movie Disney ever made. (And I'm including Pixar, too. I am.)

Disney Channel's development executives Michael Healy and Nikki Reed are in talks with screenwriters about the sequel. When the original movie aired as part of ABC's Wonderful World of Disney in 2000, it pulled in 13.6 million viewers. The movie has been in rotation on the Disney Channel with its most recent four telecasts averaging 2.4 million viewers, according to the network.


Because Banks is the titan of business that she is, she'll also executive produce, and because she's also an irrepressible egomaniac (GOD BLESS), she'll squawk my favorite song Be a Star again! I'm pretty sure there's no better news in the world, so let's all meditate on this for a moment and get really, really happy. And, for real, no matter how hot of a hot mess this has the potential to be, you know it can't touch Liz and Dick. Lohan, seriously, try to get in on this, maybe Tyra can save your career? Submit to the queen!

Shine bright, shine far, don't be shy, be a STAR!

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But, when do we get the follow-up for Shake Ya Body?!?! Priorities, Tyra, priorities.