The girls all pretty much got back into the swing of things after some time off for Thanksgiving. Joan Rivers joined the ladies of The View to discuss plastic surgery and dirty jokes, Paula Dean danced for cheese and bacon with Oprah, and Tyra related to a group of transsexuals — you know, all the usual stuff. But of course, Tyra was the standout this week, particularly when she freestyled some sort of poem to (at?) Alicia Keys. I think the damages I've suffered from secondhand embarrassment for Tyra Banks are more corrosive than those I've suffered from secondhand smoke after living with my mother the chimney for 18 years. Clip above, and more embarrassment after the jump.

So, the story that Tyra told Alicia Keys about "one of the most embarrassing moments" of her life from when they met at Oprah's Legends Ball sounded awfully familiar. Then I remembered that when she interviewed Obama, she told him that the most embarrassing moment of her life was when she and Kimora Lee Simmons met him at Oprah's Legends Ball, and Kimora talked all "ghetto" in his face.


I just imagine the two of them running around Oprah's Montecito compound all weekend, getting in people's faces and forcing them to suffer secondhand embarrassment. And I'm sure it took no effort either. Look what they wore to the actual ball.


Seriously, Tyra looks like her makeup artist Sutan, the guy who dresses up like her on Top Model.

Also, I didn't realize Kimora rocked the vagina arms as hard as TyTy.