Tyra Banks Says, 'No More Eating Disorders.' Eating Disorders Agree, Go Away Forever

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Tyra Banks was on this morning's GMA to discuss Vogue's recent wishy-washy claim that they will no longer publish images of models who "appear to have eating disorders," as well as her own response in the Daily Beast. Banks, who has been working in the modeling industry for two decades, certainly has some insights into the pressure models face to stay thin — and share those insights she did. Alas, her message was a bit convoluted by her own need to invent words (like "flawsome," which is "flaw" and "awesome" put together) and talk about herself constantly. Did you know that America's Next Top Model solved the eating disorder problem already? It's true. All they had to do was invite a very skinny girl into the house every season so that the rest of the cast could watch everything she eats and constantly talk about how concerned they are about her behind her back until eventually she gets so stressed out that she cries at the panel and no one has an eating disorder ever again.


We know you mean well, Tyra. We do. But.

Tyra Banks Asks Models: 'What Is Too Thin?' [GMA]


Celia the Vampire Slaying Vampire

I'm healthy, I'm thin, and I'm a model with lots of full-body peach fuzz. There are so many problems with armchair "diagnosing" thin women as eating disorder sufferers that I can't even list them here.

We have to embrace every shape, size, color, height, etc. in order to let everyone feel acceptance. Glorifying eating disorders is of course bad. But Tyra's assertion that she could look around and say with certainty which models suffered EDs is ridiculous. And "you're a genius, go back to college"? Thanks, but women can be both educated and beautiful at the same time. I handle modeling and college just fine. It's not for everyone, but nothing is. YEESH!

ETA: How about instead of judging them, recommend women and men with eating disorders seek therapeutic help? It's a serious cognitive issue, not just something you can say "go away! Teeee heee!" to.