Tyra Banks Is Adamant That Lindsay Lohan Will Have a Role to Play in Life-Size 2

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Tyra Banks continues to coax Lindsay Lohan, busy spokesperson for lawyer.com, into participating in the second installment of the classic Disney Channel comedy Life-Size (2000), whimsically titled Life-Size 2. It also looks like Tyra may have gotten her way? At least according to Tyra?


People reported on Tuesday that in a teaser for Wednesday’s episode of Steve, host Steve Harvey tells Banks, “Everybody wants to ask you about Life-Size 2 and if Lindsay Lohan will be in it.” To which Banks responds veeeeery slowly, “Lindsay Lohan will—be in Life-Size 2, yes!” She goes on, “Yes, I really really want her to. We’re talking about it right now and she has got to come back!”

Banks will definitely be reprising her role as Eve (the living doll), and Lohan of course played Casey Stewart. Banks’ announcement has yet to be confirmed, and it’s not clear whether she was referring to Lohan agreeing to reprise her role, or to a cameo, or what. In an interview with Buzzfeed earlier this month, Banks said that Lohan “regularly slides into those DMs.” Or, wait, “I slid into hers first, to be honest. Cause I was like, ‘Yo, I’m producing Life-Size 2, are you down?’ And she was like, ‘I’m down to the down.’ Like, she’s so down.”

But is she showing up? Well, if she does then I know of someone who knows someplace that can get you a lawyer of some quality to review that employment contract.

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