Life is pretty awesome now that all the shows are back. And even though I'm fighting with Tyra right now (in my mind, anyway) I still find her to be the most clipable girl on daytime TV. I found it incredibly ironic that she aired a show on manners and etiquette the same day we discovered how unapproachable and unlikeable she is in person. After the jump, take a look at the crappy swag she gave us.

First off, I was really pissed off watching Tuesday's episode of Tyra because it was the fall fashion episode and she gave everyone in the studio audience all kinds of free shit like hats, bags, leather gloves, jewelry, and gift certificates. When Moe, Jennifer and I went yesterday, we had to literally beg for our free mini bags of potato chips (because they skipped our row). Oh, and we got this piece of shit bracelet and beads on our way out.

It's supposed to have something to do with making a commitment to remember HPV or some bullshit. Moe and I got drunk at dinner after and I ended up braiding her hair and putting the beads in it, while singing Stevie Wonder songs, a memory that had actually been erased until this morning when she IM'd me to be like, "I woke up with beads in my hair."


Then Wednesday's show was all about etiquette. I totally related to the people with bad manners, particularly this dude, as I can be seen doing this often:

Well, as often as I can. I'm not particularly regular. You know, I have IBS and when I have to go, I have to go. I'm in there for a while, and I'm on the clock, so I figure I may as well just work. I have no good books at the moment anyway.


Oh, and remember earlier this week when we examined Sherri Shepherd's wigs? Things didn't get any better on Thursday: