Tyra was extra awesome last week, with episodes about bisexuality, an entire hour acting the fool in front of Chris Brown, the obligatory weekly episode about weight obsession, and a discourse between teens and parents about sex. But my personal favorite was when Tyra went undercover to expose the dangers of dating, with Tyra talking through a microphone into the ear piece of an actor she hired to be the date rapist. Except, instead of the show being like, "Look! It's so easy to get date raped," it was more, "Look! It's so easy to date rape!" Seriously, it was like a how-to for aspiring rape artists. Oprah had Celine Dion on as a guest, but better still was the two-part episode about the family of hoarders who can't walk through their 3,600 sq. ft. home anymore because of the clutter. Oh, and The View had some excitement last week as well: Sherri Shepherd showed up with cornrows! Clip above and pictures and cheap shots after the jump!

So the awesomest thing happened. When Tyra was dancing around like a lunatic in front of Chris Brown, the jumpsuit that she was wearing split up the ass. She said the split was this big:

So instead of changing or whatever, she decided to just tie a sweater around her waist, like she got her period and it leaked all over or something.


Periods + Tyra = a dry weave joke somewhere.


And this doesn't really have much to do with anything, but when I saved my video file before recording her date rape episode, I named it "the rapist," but you know, for file purposes, there were no spaces, so it looked like "therapist." I felt they were both oddly fitting.