So, did Tyra Banks realize that she was giving major blow job face in the new posters advertising her talk show? Seriously, it sort of gives new meaning to the term "wheatpaste." The ads are plastered all over NYC right now, and I can't escape them. She's like, "Haaay gurl, I'm so relatable. Get over here and lemme suck ya dick." Or maybe she just wants me to stuff a rib or two in there. But actually, much like with editorial fashion (she used to be a model before she was a media mogul/clown, right?), Tyra's ad sort of tells a story.

"You want me to do what!?"

"Hmm...let me think about that for a second. Would I have to swallow?"

"Actually, never mind, I'm hungry. I'd love to swallow. I'm game."


"Put it in."