Tyra might actually be suffering from the writers' strike because she only had one new episode last week. However, she's been known to be a scab before. During the last strike, she decided to go on with ANTM without writers. But the one new episode she did manage to air last week was sort of wonderfully disgusting: She asked Eve, Dita Von Teese, Bow Wow and Omarion questions about sex, and then had Bow Wow sit on her lap while she gave him a truly bizarre sex talk that led me to wonder if she's ever actually had sex at all. Oprah on the other hand, had an interesting week โ€” very enlightening discussions with Dr. Oz about bikini waxes, kegel exercises and douching โ€” and as for The View, well, Sherri Shepherd is an idiot asshole. Clip of Tyra/Oprah above, and more on Sherri after the jump.

Sherri Shepherd is an asshole โ€” an idiot asshole. I'm just gonna put it out there. I watch her everyday and my eyes are just about as bulgy as hers, listening to the shit she says. She may be a nice person but yeah, ultimately she's an idiot asshole, and here's why: When someone makes bold statements, judgments, or decrees without bothering to get the facts of the matter straight and actually refuses to read up on it because they merely heard from someone else that it might conflict with his or her beliefs, that person is an idiot. And someone holds on to such uneducated statements, judgments, or decrees and defends them to the death with no regard for others' opinions, that person is an asshole.

Exhibit A: Sherri Shepherd Believes That Nothing Predates Christianity Last week, the girls were talking about the Greek philosopher Epicurus โ€” who lived about 300 years before Jesus was born โ€” and his thoughts on what makes a person happy.

It's very interesting that family wasn't in there, that spirituality wasn't in there...What about believing in something bigger than you? They still had Jesus back then. They still had God. They had Christians because they threw them to the lions. I don't think anything predated Christians.


So then Joy and Whoopi are like, uh, no, there were the ancient Greeks and Romans to which Sherri said, "Jesus came first before them."

Dude, she doesn't even pay attention to her own religion that she's always going on and on about. If nothing came before Jesus, then how do you explain the Old Testament? Remember the Old Testament, Sherri? That's the book that explains that evolution is wrong.


Exhibit B: Sherri Shepherd Will Not Allow Her Son To Wear A Skirt, Even Just For Play; Will Also Not Allow Him To Be Transsexual While Living Under Her Roof

If I found out a teacher let my son put a dress on, I would be mad as all get out. When you get [sic] 18 and you wanna wear a dress, and you're not in my house, put a dress on. If you wanna be transgendered when you get out the house...I'm his mother, he will not be wearing a dress. Girls wear dresses. We don't live in Scotland. There will be certain behavior that will not be going on in my house.


Whoopi then said, "Sherri, for God's sake if the boy is wearing a dress everyday, it's probably a conversation you should have with him."


Exhibit C: Sherri Shepherd Temporarily Believed The World Was Flat

Is the world flat? I don't know. I never thought about it. You know what I've thought about? How I'm gonna feed my child. How I'm gonna take care of my family. Wondering if the world was flat has never been an important thing to me. If my sons asks me if the world is flat, I guess I would go and look it up.


Exhibit D: Sherri Shepherd Believes In Spanking Children
Sherri has long been a proponent of "spare the rod, spoil the child" but last week, she said that when her son Jeffery was born prematurely, doctors told her that they needed to monitor him, because there was a likelihood that he would be retarded or suffer from cerebral palsy. Based on her conversation about him, it would seem that her child is not yet out of the woods for that, so basically she may be hitting a handicapped kid. WWJD, Sher??