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Tyra Banks' Acting Career Dies In Halloween: Resurrection

Remember when Tyra Banks was trying to be an actress? This was before she tried to be a singer. One of the gems from her "filmography" is 2002's Halloween: Resurrection, the last installment (for now, anyway) of the Michael Myers films, in which she starred alongside Busta Rhymes. Tyra played Busta's girlfriend, and wasn't in the movie for very long before she was murdered by Michael. Unfortunately, her death scene was the only one that didn't even make it into the movie, but you can watch it on YouTube (from a work print that some horror geek uploaded). I know that she's supposed to be dead and all, but her eyes are really lifeless. She should know from her own tutelage, that you can be dead, but still be alive in the face. (Yeah, it doesn't make sense to us either.)


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Tracie Egan Morrissey

@distractedbyshinyobjects: no, i don't count that one, 'cause it's a remake, so it's not really part of the ongoing series. i guess that's just be being technical? but also, while i love rob zombie movies, the first half of his halloween was good but then it was just total shit.