You know how Tyra wants to be Oprah when she grows up? She's been doing annual holiday gift shows in which she gives tons of presents to the audience. However, she ain't no Winfrey.

Tyra made a big stink in the beginning of today's show about how she is giving all these fun, expensive presents โ€” carried out by quasi-shirtless men โ€” to the audience members, all of whom are unemployed, a pre-requisite she set as a way to cheer up people who aren't doing so well right now. (She actually made them all wear matching red T-shirts that said "unemployed" on them. Bitch.) The thing is, Oprah also had a recession slant to her infamous "Favorite Things" episode this year: Gifts that cost next to nothing. This goes to show that Tyra could use a few more lessons from the TV legend, particularly that service shows that assist millions always trump Santa shows that assist less than 100.


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