Tyler Clementi's Newly-Convicted Roommate Dharun Ravi Gives First Interview

Dharun Ravi, the roommate of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers student who committed suicide in 2010 after Ravi used a webcam to spy on his intimate encounter with another man, has given his first interview since being found guilty of bias intimidation, along with 14 other charges including invasion of privacy and evidence tampering. Sentencing will likely occur in May of this year and Ravi, an Indian National, will probably be deported after serving his time.


In his interview with ABC, Ravi comes off as surprisingly uncontrite and lacking in empathy. When asked if he believes Clementi, who died after throwing himself of the George Washington Bridge, was fragile, Ravi responds, "I really don't think that he was very fragile. I think he just didn't like talking to people. That's the only thing I got from him." Sure, because all of us decide to end our lives when we're feeling a little anti-social.

Ravi's only spoken regret is that Tyler may never have received the apology he sent following the incident, though, even in his compunction, he manages to deny any guilt or responsibility: "To this day, I just say, you know what, I'll just think he read it and he got it. And I'm just going to accept that as that's what happened."

Rutgers' Ravi: 'I Wasn't the One Who Caused Him to Jump' [GMA]



Dude, at least pretend to feel sorry. Sheesh.