Two Sisters, One Guy, Urine, and Pliers Form Awful Menage a WTF

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A duo of Wisconsin sisters are in trouble after subjecting a male teen with unelaborated upon social issues to confusing, horrific sexual torture. Warning: it involves pliers. To the penis.


According to the Huffington Post, what sounds like the world's most fucked up party involved sisters Amanda Johnson (age 17), Valerie Bartkey (age 24), a handful of their friends, and a high school student known as Joseph. Joseph, apparently, has some emotional or developmental issues about which investigators declined to go into detail, citing privacy concerns.

The male student was invited to hang out with a group of people last October. When he arrived at the house, he smoked marijuana and went outside to play with one of the young men who were there. After he playfully punched the man in the stomach, the partygoers turned on Joseph, beating him, chasing him away and taking his shoes. When he returned, he found one of his shoes in the sink and another in the toilet, and then they made him drink urine. And then the girls invited him downstairs, where one demanded Joseph remove his clothing and have sex with the other girl. And the whole thing ended with pliers to the penis torture, while a 4-year-old child slept in the next room over. Completely and utterly fucked up. What is wrong with these people?

Thankfully, the owner of the house interrupted the torture session and kicked the girls out of his house. He then called the police.

The girls, acting exactly how you'd expect two evil sex criminals would act, threatened to tell the police that Joseph was using drugs on the night of the attack, after they found out he was pressing charges. Classy with a capital Yikes.

Seeing as this happened in Sommerset, Wisconsin, and I grew up not all that far from there and everyone is related to everyone else in that tiny neck of the backwoods, I hope and pray that no one involved in this poor kid's ordeal is my relative. Because if they are, I'm afraid they're kicked out of the family.

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I'm not trying to excuse what the women did, but I have to wonder what kind of home these women grew up in. I'm guessing there was some pretty horrific sexual abuse to produce 2 sisters who behave this way, especially with the 4 year old daughter of one in the next room.