Two new stories are highlighting how dangerous it is for Afghan journalists to report on women's rights. Today, reporter Perwiz Kambakhsh, 23, had a death sentence commuted to 20 years in jail; he was convicted of blasphemy for distributing an article saying the Prophet Mohammad ignored the rights of women. And in an interview with Farida Nekzad, 31, managing editor of the Pajhwok Afghan News, she explains that reporting on topics like violence against women and forced marriages puts her life at risk. "When the reporters write about these issues, the ruling power does not want to tolerate it, does not want these issues to be heard by people or to be talked about," she says. "When a woman leader comes out and talks about the issues of women's rights, women's freedom, and freedom of speech, that woman is in a lot of danger." [The Vancouver Sun, U.S. News]


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