There are some sad endings today for the stories of two separate missing women. 20-year-old Mississippi college student Latasha Norman β€” who had been missing since Nov. 13 β€” was found yesterday, after her ex-boyfriend led cops to her decomposing body. Her ex, Stanley Dwayne Cole, has been charged with murder. Also yesterday: the body of 18-year-old Emily Sander β€” the missing college student whose case gained national attention because of her "secret double life" modeling nude on the internet as Zoey Zane β€” was found in Kansas. The disappearance of Latasha Norman β€” a black woman β€” didn't receive nearly as much media attention as that of Sander or Stacy Peterson β€” both white β€” and Police Chief Malcolm McMillin, who's been heading up Norman's investigation thinks he knows why: "As far as the interest by the national media in the story, I think race probably had an impact."


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