Two Heads Are Better Than One: It's Your PBS Democratic Debate Open Thread

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We’ve gone from having not that many Democratic debates, and all at inopportune times, to suddenly having an unholy number of debates, devouring your TV schedule, invading your dreams, and dampening your sex life because, honestly, who could after all that? Tonight: another one of those debates.


The Democratic National Committee, you’ll recall, agreed to sanction four more debates at the end of January. We wanted this! We asked for this! Why did we want or ask for this?

In all seriousness, though, this is kind of a good thing, in that it’s giving Democratic voters an actual choice, a competitive race, and a chance to express your complicated feelings on social media. Democracy: It’s a hideous chore, but there are worse options.

Things to watch for tonight:

- Are Hillary and Bernie finally going to yell at each other good?

- Is Hillary shook, because of her loss in New Hampshire?

- Is Hillary going to respond to being shook by speaking strongly to the black voters of South Carolina, whose support she very much needs to keep? Will Sanders be able to win support with those black voters, something he’s been attempting this week via the very subtle tactic of dining with Al Sharpton?

- Are we ever in our damn lives going to hear either of these people talk about domestic terrorism and attacks on abortion providers? Or talk about abortion at all?

- Considering this one’s on PBS, being moderated by Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, is this going to be really deep and insightful or just incredibly, punishingly, Ken Burns-long?


- Can we stay awake for another one of these things? Can we stay sober? Must we?

Share your thoughts below on each of these things, beginning with the sobriety part. And, if you insist, here’s a livestream of the debate:

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Hillary knows two things: 1, that she was going to lose the fuck out of New Hampshire. 2, that she is going to ruin Bernie’s whole entire shit going forward.

She also knows every substantive thing about everything that you could possibly ask her about, but she doesn’t want to brag.