Two Gypsy girls drowned at the beach of Torregaveta in southern Italy Saturday. Their bodies were placed under towels to await the arrival of authorities. Photos from the scene show sunbathers going about their day as the corpses lie nearby. "While the lifeless bodies of the girls were still on the sand, there were those who carried on sunbathing or having lunch just a few meters away," La Repubblica reported. Pair this with the fact Italians are openly hostile to Gypsies, or Roma, as they are called. (A recent survey found that 68% of people want Italy's Gypsies expelled, whether or not they hold Italian passports.) A civil liberties group, EveryOne, cast doubt on the reported version of events, suggesting that it was unusual for the Roma girls to wade into the sea — Gypsies are extremely modest and the girls could not swim. [CNN, Guardian, Guardian]


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@haguenite: This reminds me of how US feminists struggle in working with non-US countries on feminist stuff without coming off like imperialist asswipes. The best thing to do is find feminists in said country/region/area. So I am wondering where are the anti-racist/feminist/blah groups working with traveling/forced migrating peoples (not even close to the correct terms I know) in all the various locations they find themselves in? I would much like to hear someone's take on this who can speak to it.