Two Great-Grandmothers Throw Themselves Out of a Plane for a Good Cause

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What did you spend your weekend doing? Drinking? Sleeping? Drunk-sleeping? Yardwork? Well, whatever it was, it probably wasn't quite as thrilling as what two great-grandmothers from Ohio got up to. The women both went skydiving for the first time to raise money for a local Blue Star Mothers of America chapter and its veteran's food pantry. Marjorie Bryan, 83, and Marianna Sherman, 82, both did tandem jumps with Sgt. 1st Class Michael Elliott, who is the same retired Ranger who tandem jumped with former President George H.W. bush on his 83rd and 85th birthday.


More than 200 people turned out to watch the longtime friends jump. Both of them kept their promise not to scream on the way down, and they both got excellent marks from the professionals who accompanied them. As for whether they'll do it again. Bryan says she wants to jump with Bush if he goes again for his 90th birthday. (She'd be 85.) But Sherman, who was seen "sprawled out in a lawn chair and smiling serenely" after her jump, doesn't seem as eager to strap on another parachute. When asked if she would do it again, she smiled and said,
"Not if I wasn't asked." A lawn chair definitely does seem like a much more relaxing place to spend one's golden years than jumping out of a plane from 10,000 feet.

Blue Star Moms triumph in parachute plunge [Lima News via AP]

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Nothing brightens my mood like a good badass-old-lady story. This is just the best.