One of our favorite past times is highlighting the lack of ladies on TV. Well, I wouldn't say it's a favorite past time, but it keeps us busy. But not today! Today from TV land comes word of tomorrow's debut of Nikki & Sara: LIVE! Premiering at 11/10c on MTV, the show looks like a mixture of stand-up, sketches, interviews, and general shenanigans from Nikki Glaser, a stand-up comic, and Sara Schaefer, a blogger for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. It's all based on the duo's popular podcast You Had to Be There, which is supposed to be really funny. But I wasn't there. BA-DUM-BUMP SHOOT ME NOW.

The promos look good, and I'm excited to see two funny women make a go for it on late night TV. Let's all tune in, OK? Let's show the boob tube where it got its name from. RESPECT.