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Twitter's Incredibly Depressing #RulesForGirls

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's understood that trending topics on Twitter tend to cater to the lowest common denominator. Still, while we weren't necessarily surprised by what we found in the "rules for girls" hashtag, that didn't stop us from being severely disheartened.

Sure, there were some positive tweets, like "Stop making #rulesforgirls," and various other empowering type messages, but they were totally dwarfed by the more negative ones. While some of these "rules" were obviously meant to be malicious, what's sadder is that some of them were actually intended to be sincere recommendations, worse still, many of them were were tweeted by females. Anyway, read 'em and weep.

  • know how to walk in heels
  • A good pair of shoes saves any outfit and a bad pair ruins one!
  • must learn how to cook
  • play dumb ; act smart !
  • never fuck in the same crew. You'll be labeled as a "homie hopper".
  • SHAVE everything but your head.
  • I hatee when girls try too makee themselves walk bolegeted noeing dere not ! Ugh be your self plz
  • value your pussy. classy > trashy
  • Act like a lady, think like a man, so you dont get played like a bitch!
  • if u deliberately give me an erection, plz get rid of it without complaining, its your fault! >:|
  • If you look cheap and talk cheap, you get treated cheap.
  • If u married wit kids, n u STILL tryna gogo dance, cant book any work cuz u round like a pumpkin, hit da gym u fat fuck
  • If you don't want to be cheated on u better be a bad bitch, better show ur man ur the shit
  • don't open ya legs to every nigga .... respect yourself n you'll be wifey respected" **PREACH**
  • cook him food. thats the way to a guys heart.
  • if u gotta man.. U better b willing to go the whole 9, b4 a brutha turn to another for sum luvin!.. Keepin it real
  • don't stalk your man. Your just asking to get cheated on.
  • don't try to fucc me w/o givin me head first
  • fat girls wit muffin top please stop wearing those belly shirts u killing me
  • Buy a shade of foundation/concealer that actually matches your skin colour.
  • don't wear open toe shoes wen u got caveman feet go get a pedicure u cheap bitch
  • these dishes aren't going to wash themselves
  • if you don't know how to take care of your hygiene #killyourself
  • If your obese, do NOT wear one wants to see all that glob
  • don't wear skinny jeans or jegging then get made when dude look/talk/touch yo ass...
  • Don't tweet about ur period. Ppl dont wanna know how heavy ur flow is, what kind of maxipad u use or when u change ur tampon
  • dnt excpect to get wifed up if yu gotta "rep"
  • Cook for him in stilettos
  • Money isn't everything - Shopping is!
  • Don't ask me not to cum in u mouth, it only makes me wanna cum on ur face. Haha
  • Don't brag about who and how, your not a guy.
  • At least be SOMEWHAT in shape when you're considering getting those lower-back tattoos.
  • If you have more bodies than years on Earth your whore card is probably coming in the mail
  • Carry lips gloss , no boy wants to kiss an ash tray
  • if your Daddy wasn't there for you growing up, don't blame that shit on why you act like a hoe
  • watch what niggas u hit. Cause they hit back
  • don't behave like a dude!!
  • If u sell pussy ur not a pimp ur a whore!!!!!!!!!!
  • match your panties with your bra!
  • dnt g I've a boy oral untill the space on ur finger is covered with a ring
  • There is a distinction between being independent and being a bitch
  • Always look glamorous no matter how bad u feel on the inside.

Image via [Serhiy Kobyakov] Shutterstock.