Heidi and Spencer were on Larry King Live last night, talking about their experiences on I'm a Celebrity…, and disliking Al Roker. But viewers' Tweets posted on the screen were far more entertaining than anything the Pratts had to say.

More than anything, we're surprised by the level of literacy in these. But there was probably some intern at LKL changing all the Rs to "are," 2s to "to," and there's to "they're."

Aresmom: Let Speidi know that they're NOT nice people!

AbiClaus: Ask rational questions that Speidi can't answer


CdnBrat: Heidi and Spencer are dumb as stumps!

adlove2: What does Speidi think about the situation in Iran


Brad_Evoy: Mr. King, Heidi & Spencer are just insipid

Tsunflower11: Speidi are a waste of everyone's time!


netters2680: Tired of Speidi

Jo_Crew: Just ignore Speidi and they'll go away!!! Sheesh!


renee162: I'm ready for Speidi's 15 minutes of fame to end!

duckie_lips: Call Speidi on being super rude to Al Roker!


cand2jays: Heidi and Spencer—what a waste of space

Wakamama: Just say NO to Heidi and Spencer!!!


jareeuman: Is she going to cry 'cause she was in the jungle