Twitter Just Peaked

There’s not much more to say here, is there?

Academy Award-winning actress and occasional surfer Helen Hunt just threw on one of her favorite tank tops, hopped in her black Saab convertible, listened to the first three-quarters of “Every Day Is a Winding Road,” parked at a Starbucks near the beach, put her hair in a ponytail with a dingy red tie she found in the passenger seat that probably belonged to one of her daughters, walked inside, ordered what appears to be a grande iced green tea—unsweetened, please—and discovered that the barista who took her order confused her with Academy Award-winning actress Jodie Foster.


She then tweeted about the mistake while sitting in her car, listened to the rest of “Every Day Is a Winding Road” and half of “If It Makes You Happy” and parked in her garage, where she began thinking about what sounds good for dinner tonight.

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man



Somewhere, Leelee Sobieski is frowning at her Starbucks cup marked “Helen”.