Twirlin' on Them Haters: It's Your 58th Annual Grammy Awards Liveblog

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Though the Grammys began at something like 6 AM PST this morning, there will potentially be a nighttime amount of happenings. Everyone’s freaking out at the possibility of a Zayn/remaining members of possibly now-defunct boy band One Direction run-in. Rihanna is probably performing “Work”—in which she will no doubt wind—and possibly Beyoncé will do “Formation,” with a respective video and album to plausibly drop afterwards. And Kendrick Lamar may or may not be performing to a backdrop protesting mass incarceration.

Jezebel’s top-tier team of cultural pundits, wonks, and party zone folks will be deconstructing it all in its entirety. Break out your wine glass or vape (or whatever else you do, that’s your business), and join us for the most exciting music event of the year!


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AllieCat demands hats on cats-is probable weirdo

I’ve heard there’s no alcohol there...even for sale.

This seems like a real human rights violation.