Things sure have changed since Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger flew out of their mom's vagina and headed straight for the cineplex*. There's a new high-clarity MRI scan in town, and it provides a more detailed look inside the womb than ever before. And guess what? Inside the womb is freaking freaky! Hello, future. I love you, but you're terrifying. I kinda liked thinking of my womb as basically an Easy-Bake oven. In goes sperm and egg, out pops baby via magic/radiation, next! Jkjk, but someone should probably show this to Todd Akin.

As far as twins go:

While the new MRI provides amazing footage, it has an important application on a diagnostic level: Doctors use it to diagnose how fetuses are affected by twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) — a dangerous condition in which one identical twin siphons blood away from the other, the doctor said.


Scarily, this deprives the "donor" twin of nutrients and can put too much pressure on the heart of "recipient" twin. I have a friend who went through this, and had fetal laser surgery to interrupt the flow of blood. In the end, one twin was born slightly larger, but both were fine. Still, scary larry.

*Sorry I'm not sorry but I'll never pass up a reference to Twins. I own it on VHS, DVD, and Bluray. And I don't even HAVE Bluray, someone just thought I did.