Twihards Supposedly Faking Engagements To Try On Bella's Wedding Dress

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It is so easy to mock Twilight and its fans, what with the vampire who sparkles and doesn't actually bite anyone and the chick who loves the way he never gets charged for breaking and entering and lurking uninvited in her bedroom. But the franchise is still a juggernaut: Despite all of Disney's marketing and folks' nostalgic love of Kermit and Miss Piggy, the Muppets were steamrolled at the box office over the holiday weekend, with Breaking Dawn taking the top spot for the second week in a row. In fact, the flick has a world wide box office total of $488,832,009. Very nearly half a billion dollars.


And now, according to TMZ, fans are "secretly lying about being engaged" so that they can try on the $799 replica of Bella's wedding dress. The report does not cite any sources or witnesses, but as rom coms and Sex And The City have taught us, pretending to be engaged so that you can admire yourself in a white floofy gown is right up there with dotting your Is with hearts on the list of "stuff chicks do."

But you know, a recent study revealed that while women buy 50% of the tickets to movies, we make up only 32.8% of the speaking roles. As Melissa Silverstein of Women And Hollywood notes, "That's 2.05 males characters for each female character." As a movie, Breaking Dawn is tedious and dull, but as a phenomenon, Twilight — with books and screenplays written by women and an enthusiastic, female-driven fandom — at the very least proves that women should be taken seriously as an audience, and deserve to be represented in flicks with equal screen time and speaking roles. So fuck it, ladies, buy yourselves the official engagement ring and try on that dress. And don't forget the replica hair comb.

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This may be a completely inappropriate place for this, and if it is that's ok and please move me to whatever hashtag this sort of stuff goes under, BUT:

Speaking of wedding gowns, um... help! I'm terribly afraid that I won't be able to find anything better than this Bella monstrosity that actually fits my wants, and I'm also totally freaked out about price. I'm hoping to tap into the collective girl knowledge (I'm a girl, but bad at this stuff) here on Jez.

Does anyone have any brilliant suggestions for a dress that is: 1. Under $200 and 2. not super short nor super long (I'm thinking right above the knee to mid-calf). Doesn't necessarily have to be white but something in a lighter shade is good (grey, silver, very light blue, etc.) I'm not really into strapless but I can deal with it. I'm open to any and all suggestions. It doesn't need to look like a traditional wedding dress either; we're going super casual. Oh, btw, I'm tall, fairly thin and A-cup (miiiight be pushing a B before the period) so something flattering to my figure is helpful. I have no preconceived ideas about fabric, doodads, etc and the like. I only own one dress, so again, I'm terible with this stuff!

Thanks ladies! Any and all suggestions, however weird or offbeat, are appreciated!!!

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