Twerking Is Over: This Video of a Woman Falling Out of Car Proves It

Actually, Twerking was over on Halloween as I terrified trick-or-treaters by shaking my tail puff while wearing a giant guinea pig costume. But only one kid cried then. Now there's a video of a woman literally falling out of a car while twerking and by the end of the week all of you will have seen it.


If you're not into watching the entire short video because you hate danger/laughing at the misfortune of others, I'll break it down for you. A woman, while being egged on by her friends twerks mercilessly out a car door. Of course what you expect to happen happens and she falls out, hitting the road and rolling while making (impressively) nary a sound.

I'm sure she's fine, though. People wouldn't post this on the internet, otherwise? And anyway, Uproxx reports that the star's friend reports she's "fine and just a little ashy." CALLING THE HONORABLE KARA BROWN! SHADE OR NOT SHADE?

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Mark. Mark. Mark.

We need to see video of you guinea pig twerking, and we need to see it NOW.