12-year-old Shaelye Varner is $100,000 richer, after selling a champion 1,330-pound crossbred steer she raised herself, named Ted.

That's according to the AP. The deal happened as part of the Sale of Champions, an annual auction at the Illinois State Fair which offers kids the chance to make a little college money selling their livestock. It also benefits 4H and the Future Farmers of America, who get small cuts. AT&T, Monsanto and DeKalb/Asgrow pooled their money to buy Shaelye's steer; the bid broke last year's record of $62,000. "I haven't won this big of a show before," she told the State Journal Register. Her plan is to put the money toward her future career in agriculture.

12-year-old Tara Hummel also sold a prizewinning goat for $10,000; apparently she and her 15-year-old brother have been trading the trophy back and forth since 2011.

Good job, gals! Now, if somebody could please just explain this butter cow:


Photos via AP Images.