Rocco DiSpirito, onetime star of The Restaurant, has written a diet cookbook. His goal: to help people make healthy dishes they still feel guilty eating.

DiSpirito explains to the AP,

Fried chicken needs to feel bad. You need to crunch through that outer coating, you need to feel like you're committing a sin.

His method for preserving the "sinfulness" of chicken while lowering the calorie count involves poaching and then flash-frying. But you could also just eat a salad while kicking an old lady. Or an egg-white omelet while avoiding jury duty. Or some Special K while taking candy from a baby (just don't eat the candy). Or you could just accept that a food's caloric value has no impact on your personal morality — but then, that's way less fun than whipping up a yummy Tax Evasion Yogurt.

DiSpirito: Ditch The Calories, Keep The Sin [AP, via Yahoo News]

Image via Robyn Mackenzie/