Tuscon Shooting Victim's Organs Saved Life Of Boston Girl

Christina-Taylor Green, at only nine years old, was the youngest victim of last week's tragedy in Tuscon. Now, her organs have been donated to save the life of a young Massachusetts girl.

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The Green family doesn't know the name or identity of the family who received their daughter's organs, but said he'd love to meet them someday.

In this family's time of tragedy, they were able to provide hope and life to a family who, without the help of the Greens, would have been experiencing a tragedy of their own. If you're not on your state's organ donor registry, you can find out how to do so here.


In the meantime, if you have a daughter or a sister, make sure to give her a hug.

Tuscon Shooting Victim Christina-Taylor Green's Organs Donated To Boston Girl [The Daily Caller]

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i don't understand the holdback on the part of those who won't register to donate their organs. it's easy enough to do, and can help so many. that this is the predicate to a senseless tragedy will hopefully inspire more people.