Turns Out a 6-Year-Old Can Write a Pretty Good Story

The Scholastic Channel recently posed a challenge: Could a 6-year-old write a complete story from beginning to end? First grader Scotty, who specifies that he is indeed 6 years and three months old, was up to the task. With a little help from Scholastic, his adorable tale "The Nit Qast" (A.K.A. The Knight Quest) was brought to viral life.


[The Scholastic Channel]

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Sorry, but this kid totally can not spell. No doubt he is a better than average speller for his age, and yes I know some six year olds can not even write. But I could spell much better than that in first grade and I have my old notebooks to prove it.

Surely they could find a child who could write a complete story AND spell a little better. Or, perhaps *sigh* not.