​Tufts Wants To Pay Admitted Students To Defer and Take a Gap Year

A new program at Tufts University plans to help students who plan on attending the school have that "gap year" experience, including volunteering before starting on their degrees. Starting this upcoming fall, the 4+1 program will provide funding for traveling including airfare and travel visas (the bane of my existence), so students can have a cultural immersion and get their introductory drinking exploits out of their system and over with.

Tufts will be working with volunteer organizations to tailor packages that suit the financial needs of each student. This program sounds awesome. I think the world would be a better place if people, but definitely young people, just got out and traveled a bit more. And the crazily rising costs of flights and hotels shouldn't have to prevent people from having some amazing experiences.


It's refreshing to see an academic institution invest in their students in a different, more unconventional way, even before they set foot on campus.

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