Tucker Carlson Gets Teste About Gendered History

Last night, Stephen Colbert took on textbooks after being tipped off by Tucker "The Tool" Carlson that the educational materials are being revised to be more gender-neutral. Carlson, you see, feels marginalized, but Colbert has some suggestions!

Colbert explained that one way to combat the neutralization of masculine terms — like changing "Congressman" to "Member of Congress" — is to replace "female" terms with male ones. He'd start things off by replacing "bitchy" with "teste," the better to describe the way white men feel marginalized in a society that's slowly recognizing the existence and power of women and people of color.

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This is the thing that really gets me, this resentment not of "promoting" the concerns of women and people of color, but the resentment of losing first-class status. And it's not like women and people of color are GETTING that first-class status... hopefully eventually there won't BE classes, but some of these guys just don't get that that would be FAIR.