In a blog post today the TSA defended its actions in "cupcakegate," saying that the icing in a cupcake in a jar is considered a gel, and could be a cleverly disguised explosive. The post continued:

What the two plots above and intelligence gathered from all over the world tells us is that unless Wiley E. Coyote is involved, the days of the three sticks of dynamite with a giant alarm clock strapped to them are long gone. Terrorists have moved to novel explosives disguised as common, everyday items. Our officers are regularly briefed and trained by TSA explosives specialists on how just about any common appliance, toy or doohickey can be turned into a dangerous explosive. When you think about it, do you think an explosive would be concealed in an ominous item that would draw attention, or something as simple as a cute cupcake jar?

At the time the passenger said she was most concerned about inconsistency. If icing is a potentially dangerous substance, why did another TSA agent let her through with two cupcakes in a jar on another flight? The TSA doesn't provide an explanation, but warns fliers that if they try to bring cakes, pies, and cupcakes through security they "might get some additional screening" — if the TSA agent you're dealing with feels particularly threatened by baked goods.

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