A Canadian woman attempting to fly out of JFK airport to Barbados has some explaining to do after the jolly folks at TSA found some rather questionable material in her checked luggage.

Nyesha McPherson, of Scarborough, Ontario was taken into custody before boarding her flight early yesterday morning and has been charged with criminal possession of a firearm, possession of high capacity magazines, possession of ammunition, and criminal possession of marijuana. Sounds like a lot, but I guess that's what happens when authorities find a couple guns, magazines, an assload of ammunition, and some 30 pounds of weed in your bag. Via Gothamist:

According to the TSA, "the officers saw the suitcases were jam-packed with cans and boxes for baby wipes, coffee, floor dusting sheets, lemonade mix, iced tea mix, a box of cat litter and a box of laundry tablets. But none of those boxes or cans contained the products on the labels."



TSA officers allegedly found "two disassembled .40 caliber handguns, 350 rounds of ammunition, four magazines for the guns and 58 bricks of marijuana totaling 33 pounds, all artfully concealed in the boxes, tubs and cans of everyday household products."


"Wait a minute, hey THIS ISN'T KITTY LITTER."

Apparently the agents decided to peer inside the bag after they found it to be "unusually heavy." Looks like they found a goldmine.


Image via Getty.