Try Alyssa Milano's 1988 Workout to Relieve 2020 Stress


Somewhere in between filming Who’s the Boss and her recent political ascent, Alyssa Milano dropped the 1988 workout tape Teen Steam. The production—part fitness, part music video, and part drama—features Milano and two teens turning to exercise for stress relief.

“I wanted to go out this Friday night, but I have to stay home and babysit my little brother because of some dumb dinner engagement,” says one teen. “I’m grounded just for bringing home one date, as if I was criminal of the month or something,”protests the other from the pink-carpeted bedroom set. Both are issues Milano plans to soothe with a few dance moves.


In the video above, Erica Lourd revisits the routine to determine if Milano’s 1980s stress-relieving techniques have any effect on 2020 levels of tension.

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Betsy the Impotent Star-Giver

OMG! I don’t know why but my husband and I were obsessed with the Teen Steam song when this came out!