Truly, all is going to be alright with the world. Or so we are willing to believe after reading this tale of an abandoned baby monkey who was in critical condition when taken in by an animal sanctuary in China. Then, he met a white pigeon, struck up a beautiful friendship, and the rest is history. Shana Tovah! There is a God! [Daily News]


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@nadarine: Word. Today on that site (I am a loser....websites with cute animals give me reason to go on everyday, to overcome angry, pet-less despair in a shitty scary world) there was an old, grey-around the nuzzle Golden Retriever licking a baby (swaddled up in a blanket) on the nose.

The cutesy captions and (sometimes) self-absorption in the site make me uncomfortable, but stuff like that (and baby monkeys, and doves) I love.