On the one hand, the Last Airbender, quite apart from bloated budgets and adaptation controversy, looks awful. On the other, everyone's fave IRL couple, Dev and Freida, were there at NYC's Alice Tully Hall and looking adorable!

Call me a sap, seeing them together always makes me happy.

Even if Freida's frock is slightly Hedda Lettuce!


Although must say, digging on Actress Seychelle Gabriel's slightly odd, 60s lingerie-esque seafoam.

There's not a single shot in which young master Noah Ringer isn't striking a martial arts pose. Which is actually a really good way of handling the red carpet.


Briefly, after seeing Jackson Rathbone on MTV's When I Was 17, I had all kinds of strong negative feelings. Now, however, I just don't care for his shoes.


Nicola Peltz's rose is reminiscent of a Duncan Dance tunic. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I'm really hoping Spencer List picked out and matched his own checks.


The auteur himself: M. Night Shyamalan and wife Bhavna Vaswani. As usual, he seems oddly unperturbed by reaction to his latter-day films.

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